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We take pride in not only working FOR you, but working WITH you!

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Knight Aviation & Logistics

Your Air Charter & Logistics Specialists.

Custom Air Charter Services
Experienced Owners, Management and Staff
Tailored Logistics Programs
Competitive Rates
Industry Leading Software
Exceptional Customer Service


Whether you need to move a crew to a remote worksite, evacuate in an emergency, or want to travel for leisure, we can help!

With our finger on the pulse of aviation, we find you the right aircraft for your needs, at a competitive rate, getting you where you need to go, safely and with leading on-time performance.

Energy Sector

Air Charter and Full Travel Logistics programs, tailored to your specific needs.


Transporting Department of National Defence, emergency service deployment or any national travel requirement.

Private Charters

Corporate Charters, Leisure, Group Travel

Hot Shot Services

Last minute parts and repair personnel air transport, available 24/7

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Our Mission

“We present extraordinary value using our most cost effective, user friendly and efficient air charter logistics solutions supported by our industry experience and longstanding, honest relationship with our clients and vendors. We will continue to lead with the highest service and ethical business standards in the industry, becoming the most trusted air charter and travel logistics provider in North America.”


Whether you’re travelling for a weekend getaway, as part of a work crew to a remote worksite or with a piece of equipment that is holding up production until you get there, we will add value to your travel requirements putting you at ease and taking off the pressure. Let us take the pressure from finding the right aircraft, getting it where it needs to go on time and without any hiccups.

Be at ease knowing that we combine efficiency with (cost) effectiveness and outstanding customer service (ask our clients) with 50 years of combined industry experience.

Our services are guaranteed to add value to your travel!