About Us

We've got your back.

“We take pride in not only working FOR you, but working WITH you!

When we have the privilege of being a part of and engaging with your team, we are able to really understand what your challenges are and be super effective in helping you overcome them.”

– Jenna Gillespie
Business Development & Account Services

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to provide leadership in Workforce Logistics by promoting collaboration and best practices; optimizing efficiency and cost savings.

We believe this daily practice will lead us to our Vision to be the leader in Canadian Workforce Logistics.


Driven by our mantra to “Do the Most Right Thing”, our values are simple.

They keep our team focused and our day to day operations in perspective.

At Knight, we steer our business using these values as our compass:

  • Safety is priority
  • Maintain authenticity
  • Keep it simple and take the time to do it right
  • Commit to gaining valuable experience, knowledge and embrace change

We believe these guidelines have helped us develop and maintain strong relationships with both our clients and vendors for over 10 years.

Our History

“We’re proud to continue delivering superior service to all of our clients who have trusted us since Day One.

And we’re excited to share our expanded vision to provide logistics solutions to them and companies across North America.”

- Darren Neid

With nearly 20 years under its belt, Knight Aviation & Logistics started with a handshake. To be specific, four handshakes with four different Alberta based charter groups, who entrusted an up and coming firm with the idea to collaborate and present the market with a group of charter companies working together to provide the Oil and Gas Market with a solution for their adapting air service requirements.

In the good times we grew with the support of our appreciative clients.

With these changes in our business, we were able to Fast forward to a recession in 2015 and a Global Pandemic in 2020.

These changes brought us to an even larger level of understanding what our clients were up against!

In our ever changing climate, we focus on staying true to our grassroots culture. Valuing our long standing client and vendor relationships and a strong handshake. Ok, it is 2020, so maybe a solid fist bump or elbow tap. Either way, we value it just the same.

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