Traveling with confidence and minimizing disruptions

As travelers, we’ve experienced first-hand the ups and downs of commercial air travel.

The excitement of traveling somewhere new, or even sharing a pre-flight meal in one of the great restaurants in the airport can certainly be considered one of the “ups”.

Of course, what goes up must come down, and those “downs” of commercial travel are often unexpected disruptions like delays or even cancellations.

These disruptions can upend your travel plans, sometimes leaving you stranded, wondering when you’ll be able to get home.

In the aviation industry, keeping flights on time is of utmost importance and carries its own term called ‘On Time Performance’ or OTP. 

Bad weather, mechanical issues, and sometimes even crewing restrictions are all things that can affect the OTP of your flight.

Sometimes, these uncontrollable delays can cause such a lengthy trickle effect, that the commercial air carriers have no choice but to cancel some flights; unable to catch up to the original schedule all while attempting to keep upcoming flights on time.

When you use a private air charter you are not bound by the rigid schedules the commercial carriers need to follow. You can schedule around your time, giving you flexibility and reliability.

That’s not to say that a private aircraft won’t have to wait for bad weather, or experience the same issues that commercial flights do, but you may not even notice!

If there’s a mechanical issue on the aircraft we booked for you, we’ll find a replacement. If there are crew issues, our trusted carriers will find an experienced replacement.  Weather is the only thing out of our control, but our trusted carriers will make sure you’re on the runway as soon as it’s safe to do so.

When you book a private flight with us, you can rest assured that your journey will be smooth and seamless, with minimal risk of delays or cancellations.

At Knight, we work with the industries most experienced carriers with some of the highest rates of OTP in the Industry, some as high as 99% On Time Performance.

It’s all about reliability and peace of mind for YOU. Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, Knight will make sure you get to your destination!

Next time you’re planning a trip, consider the benefits of a private air charter and let Knight Aviation be your ticket to stress-free, on time travel!

Give us a call and experience the difference!