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Flying privately is no longer just for VIPs, Celebs, or CEOs. Booking a private air charter is increasing in popularity, so much so that within a couple of days leading up to this year’s Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona, the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and surrounding airports were expecting over 4000 additional takeoffs and landings than usual. 


Never mind that, all the airports in the surrounding area were hosting an additional 1100 parked aircraft. 800 of which were private jets!

Then, after all the football, fighter jets, fireworks, and halftime shows were over, there was an expected aircraft departure every 6 minutes the next day between 6 am and 2 pm. 


Flying to the Superbowl (or any other big game!) isn’t the only reason people are choosing to book a private air charter. Weddings, family vacations, business trips, or traveling to see the next big game. Not only is it a convenient and flexible option, but it is a luxurious way to celebrate a special occasion.


The flexibility of flying privately allows for any request to be possible. Stocking the bar with your favorite label, or catering from your favorite restaurant; the options are endless and definable to ensure your special occasion doesn’t disappoint. 


My favorite perk is choosing your own flight times. If you’re headed out for the next big NFL or NHL game, we can get you there in time to tailgate. Golfing? You’ll be in the sun just in time to make your tee time. Celebrating a bachelor/bachelorette party? Land just as the limo pulls up!  No long customs lineups or lengthy airport walks to delay your celebration!


Yes, flying privately comes with a bigger price tag than flying commercially.  However, there are ways to lessen the expense of private air travel, with the same value and luxury you’re looking for. 


Booking an empty-leg flight on a private plane is a less expensive way to get that high-end experience.  These flights are generally on fairly short notice, and an excellent way to have a prestigious flying experience, including using the private departure lounge, allowing you to kick off your trip by completely avoiding the main terminals.  If there’s anywhere specific you’d like to go, let us know! We can keep our eye out for an empty-leg flight to or from your desired destination and let you know if this high-value option comes available.


Another great way to ensure that you’re getting great value is to contact a trusted air charter broker (ahem…like Knight Aviation & Logistics…wink! wink!). We present extraordinary value by sharing our experience and top-notch service. We will help you through the process of planning by shopping around for you. Not only make sure we get you the right aircraft for your special occasion but comparing rates to make sure you experience the value in the luxury.  With the help of our exceptional carriers, you can trust that your private flight will be well worth it.


Knight Aviation & Logistics is connected to a wide range of aircraft types offering the flexibility to suit your needs. We will take the effort of planning off your plate, and replace it with extraordinary service and ease. 


Whether you’re looking to travel for business, to see a playoff game, or celebrate one of life’s big moments, let us show you how private jet travel can level up your next trip. Contact us today for your travel quote.