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Why you can trust us to keep your business moving forward

Unlike ever before, aircraft carriers and airlines are finding themselves in a position where an aircraft is available to fly, but no one is available to fly it. A somewhat significant detail.

Recently, the CBC published a story showcasing the struggles that Canadian air carriers are experiencing with pilot shortages post-pandemic. Most notably the smaller carriers, which mainly service smaller communities in more rural parts of Western Canada, are really struggling to keep pilots on their rosters. Larger carriers are beginning to more steadily absorb the workforce due to reasons such as the opportunity to fly larger aircraft or the offer greater travel benefits.

Regardless of the size of the organization, qualified pilots are still behind the controls of all aircraft in Canada. The qualifications for hours and skill have not wavered for both private or commercial flying in Canada. Rather, pilots are just moving onto larger air carriers much sooner than they would have done previously.

That’s not to say that the larger groups like WestJet or Air Canada aren’t experiencing the same challenges. We just simply notice the shortage most significantly with the air carriers that we have trusted to service our private air charters or air charter programs over the last (nearly) two decades.

However, amidst this shake up in the aviation industry, we have still been successful in keeping our clients in the skies, getting them where they need to go.

As a well connected air charter broker, there are a few reasons we at Knight Aviation have been able to help our clients source the aircraft they need, regardless of the external storm;

  • We have our finger on the pulse of aviation. Over the last 20 years, we have built trusted, long standing relationships with our vendors. We understand their aircraft and capabilities, creating efficiency in getting you into the right aircraft.
  • We are focused on aviation safety. Whether you’re looking for a flight within the energy sector or for your personal needs, we will get you there safely. Not only do we understand aviation safety and auditing in Canada, but we are well versed in the requirements mandated by all sectors including oil & gas, energy and mining.
  • We do the leg work. Finding the right aircraft for your private flight could mean multiple phone calls and emails. We give you that time back and source multiple carriers for you, ensuring you the best price and aircraft for your trip.
  • We’ve got options. You won’t be bound to just one air carrier or aircraft. We utilize many qualified carriers in Western Canada which allows us to align your specific requirements with the right aircraft.
  • Brokers manage the entire process. From searching for aircraft, receiving quotes, and planning the trip from wheels up to wheels down, we organize your entire flight so you can continue to focus on your priority tasks.

We are fortunate to have been successful in keeping our clients moving, but that isn’t without their trust, flexibility, open dialogue and transparency. It’s truly a team effort to navigate these challenges, but we believe that can continue to help weather this storm.

No matter where you start, or where you’re going, let us show you how an air charter broker can get you the aircraft perfect for your private flight or charter program!

Read the full CBC article HERE.