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It’s fair to say that last year was one of adjustment in the travel industry.  Within aviation, commercial travel and air charter companies are still building back their full roster of pilots, flight attendants, customer service, and ground crews.  Paired with increased aircrew rest regulations mandated by Transport Canada to combat pilot and aircrew fatigue, returning to air travel has been a little less ‘turn-key’ than the aviation industry or travelers hoped.

To further those frustrations; stereotypical Canadian Winter storms and crew shortages only thickened the chaos of our last holiday travel season, creating an absolutely above-average hectic experience in Canadian airports. It’s safe to say it’s definitely not been the post-pandemic travel experience that anyone expected.

As a result, inquiries for private air charters have increased dramatically over the last year.  As more and more people were looking for alternate options for getting from A to B, the message was loud and clear; travelers were starting to think of private flights the same way they did Hansel from Zoolander;  “So hot right now!”  (You remember that movie, right? Ya you do!)


Aside from the obvious Instagrammable experience of flying on a private jet, there are plenty of reasons people have been attracted to charters in the past for their golf trips, family vacations, or other destination travel. 

Relief from the common stresses some travelers are experiencing isn’t the only reason we believe the interest in private flights is increasing. Let us share our top 10 benefits of private air travel in Canada:

  1. Easy Planning.  By that, I mean E-A-S-Y! At Knight, we take care of all the details of planning your flight. We really just need to know when, where, and how many bums need a seat.
  2. Parking is quick and easy.  Usually about 10 steps from your departure entrance (sometimes less, sometimes more).  Some of our preferred air carriers will even detail your vehicle when you’re away!
  3. Quick and easy Check-In.  This easy:
    Step 1: Arrive at the departure lounge 30 minutes before your flight. Yes, you read that right.
    Step 2:  Walk up to the desk. It’ll be easy to find, it’s usually right beside the espresso machine.
    Step 3:  Introduce yourself to the Customer Service Representative.
    Step 4: Relax in the stunning departure lounge. Don’t get too comfortable though, you won’t be waiting long.
  4. You will never have to wait in a long security lineup. Never mind that, you won’t feel rushed putting your belt and shoes back on, all while trying to neatly stack those teeny little bins before the next traveler is through the body scanner!
  5. All boarding is preferred boarding.  You’ll be first in line, every time.
  6. Once you’re on the aircraft, there will be no waiting in the aisle of the aircraft as another passenger tries to load their oversized luggage into an undersized bin.
  7. Comfortable Seats with elbow room to spare!
  8. The inflight catering goes beyond cookies, pretzels, and ginger ale.  We order your preferred catering as requested and will even customize the bar with your favorite label.
  9. No canceled flights and you won’t be left stranded. Barring any apocalypse, your private charter will get you to your destination. More importantly, we will get you home. The final benefit has been a contribution from my 10-year-old Son, Charlie;
  10.  “You don’t need to lock the bathroom door on the plane”.  

In my personal opinion, the 10th benefit might be the most understated seller.

Above all these forward-facing benefits, Knight continues to work hard behind the scenes to make sure your private travel experience is bar none. Pairing up with the best private air charter carriers in Canada, your trip is operated with the highest safety ratings and incomparable customer service standards.  

There are always alternatives to your travel. Let us quote your next trip and experience the benefits of private air travel in 2023.